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Following is a list of books that I’ve read, and will be happy to discuss.

(partial list)


An extremely chilling story, warning against a dystopic authoritarian future, heavily inspired by the communist and fascist regimes that Orwell experienced in person.

The thing I like most about Orwell, is that he tells the unvarnished truth, even when it’s ugly, harsh, and pathetic.

The Left Hand of Darkness

What would the world look like if our biology was different? It’s fun to think about.

Ender’s Game

A kid gets gaslighted to take the blame for xenocide.

Of course, space combat and aliens are great, but I actually really connected to the story on an emotional level.

Speaker For The Dead

A sequel to Ender’s Game, and in my view it’s the best one in the series.

Extremely philosophical, but also touching, and poses big questions about life.

Foundation series

How would you engineer a new society? What does civilization come about? It’s fun to think about

Stranger in a Strange Land

Can thought truly free us of all our shackles? Or are we earth-bound without redemption?

Flowers For Algernon

Is intelligence a blessing or a curse?


Why are they trying to kill me?

Jane Eyre

Whimsical, philosophical, and optimistic. We should all strive to be a little more like her.

War and Peace

Who really has the power, the leader or the people?

How much of our understanding of history is real, and how much of it is wishful thinking?

One of those books that make you pause and think. (unfortunately, it gives you plenty of space to pause)

Brave New World

Is it worth losing a part of what makes us human, in exchange for being happy?

Huxley describes what I consider as “the best of all possible dystopias”, and takes a cynical but refreshing view of the march of technology.